Persian Hand Knotted area rug
Area Rug from Iran with a Black field and Red border and floral and birds Geometric pattern
Iranian hand-knotted wool carpet black field white fringe
Hand-knotted Rug with white cotton fringe
Handknotted Rug Iranian carpet
Darker red area from left to Right shows subtle Abrash on this Persian Qom Rug
Flowers and birds and flowers sitting inside the Black field of a Persian Hand Knotted Rug made in Qom Iran
Close up of the red medallion  bordered by rosette in a black floral field of a Qom Rug
close up view Qom Handknotted rug  Top right corner border of the floral  carpet
closer look of the Qom Handknotted rug's  bottom left corner border showing carpet's  floral pattern
close up view of a Qom Handknotted rug's  bottom left corner floral border

Qom Rug, Rug Runner

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4'X 7' Beautiful Abrash 

100% wool pile, Hand Knotted Rug, Antique Rug.